New Message

Yesterday, the Loan Company sent me an email letting me know that I have a new message in my inbox. The message contained a list of all loans I have under my name and the amounts.

I love this.

It will keep me organized. I can focus on paying off one loan at a time. I can keep track of what has been paid off and what I still need to pay on. I plan on paying back the smaller amounts first and working my way up to the larger amounts. I have a certain amount I would like to pay each month (which, although is very high, has not changed). I am in the process of writing down the months each loan should be paid off.

I really feel like I can do this.

I feel like I’m in control.

And the kicker is….I got a new job today!!

It cut into my vacation but I can live with that. My family is more than understanding and happy for me although I am a little upset that our vacation week did not go as planned. The call for the job was unexpected and I am (once again) being thrown into things but I am so grateful for the opportunity. I feel more confident now about paying my student loans back way ahead of schedule.


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