To Assume or not to Assume….

What do you do when you feel like someone has an interest in you but you are not interested in them in the same way?

I mean, these are the types of situations that haunt my dreams. I have a hard enough time trying to conduct myself in social situations but awkward situations like this make me want to melt away like Alex Mac. I’m used to being on the other side; the one who has an interest that is not reciprocated. But this side is not any better.

I don’t want to hurt the person. I don’t like being the reason someone’s feelings get hurt though it’s inevitable. I mean, for all I know this is just his way of being nice and a really good friend.

But the signs are there….

I guess the best thing for me to do is sit back and enjoy the friendship. If he makes that left (and by making that left I do mean verbally admitting to me that he has feelings for me, or he likes me, or whatever), then I will deal with it then. Tell him that I love spending time with him and he’s a good friend, but that I don’t want anything more than a friendship.

I mean, on the opposite end I would want someone to be that honest with me. Does it hurt? Yes. But, I would rather be hurt with the truth than hurt with a lie.


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