1 Down, 9 To Go!!

I just paid off my first student loan!!

I enter repayment next month. I really wish I’d been making payments since graduation but I haven’t. Today, I decided that I would pay off my smallest loan to get it out of the way and I must say it feels good.

The problem is, I’ve been a little impulsive and racked more credit card debt. Shame on me really. I should have paid off my credit card and stopped using it but I didn’t. I have a plan to pay it off and I will stick to it without using it. I am more than ready to get out of debt. My problem is, I am impulsive and I allow my desire for things to overwhelm me. I need to practice more self-control.

Anywho, yay for paying off one loan. Now to pay off the other nine.

I’m still hoping to be completely free of student loan debt in no more than 3 years.

I will not still be making payments in 2025 as the loan people are predicting.